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Our contractor-grade synthetic roof underlayment is the smart and reliable choice for a durable contractor-grade roofing underlayment. It consistently performs, and is designed to meet or exceed industry standards in commercial or residential sloped roof applications. Triple-layer polymer construction contributes to superior strength, durability, lightweight handling, water resistance, a wrinkle-free surface, and resistance to UV-breakdown. A specially formulated polymer walking surface offers dynamic traction in a variety of weather conditions. ProTex is a sound choice for use with asphalt shingles, metal, tile, slate, and a variety of other sloped roofing materials.

ProTex revolutionizes the roofing industry with ground-breaking BROADCASTSM custom printing, now powered by WRAPLABTM. With BROADCAST technology, our roof underlayment can be printed in full color, at the largest size available, with alternating messages — and all at a low cost! BROADCAST custom printing turns a building into a billboard — a vivid, multi-colored, multi-messaging platform with unlimited advertising possibilities. Get started custom printing today with WRAPLAB - an industry leading tool for creating custom designs to be printed on your building products. Visit our Custom Printing Page to learn more about BROADCAST Custom Printing and creating designs with WRAPLAB.

Secure under foot, reliable over head. ProTex.

  • BROADCASTSM Custom Printing: Hands down the largest full-color print area in the industry.
  • WRAPLABTM Custom Print Designer: The easiest way to create custom designs to be printed on your building products.
  • Reliable Walking Surface: A skid-resistant polymer walking surface offers good low-slope traction.
  • Strength: ProTex is stronger than Type 15 and 30 felt and resistant to tearing and stretching around fasteners in high traffic areas or during high winds.
  • Weight: ProTex is lighter than Type 15 and 30 felt and easier to handle during all stages of installation.
  • Simple to Apply: ProTex installs quickly and easily. It’s lighter, stronger and covers more area.
  • More Coverage: ProTex offers five times more coverage per roll than Type 30 felt.
  • Will not buckle, warp, or crack: Superior lay-flat properties and water resistance keep ProTex from warping, wrinkling, and cracking in cold weather.
  • UV Exposure Rating: ProTex is treated to resist excessive degradation from normal UV exposure for up to six months.
  • Meets Building Codes: ProTex is rated for residential and commercial projects.
  • Asphalt-Free: ProTex is 100% inorganic, and will not rot or mold.
  • Sustainable: ProTex is environmentally responsible, and may contribute to your LEED and NGBP ratings.
  • Warranty: A 30-year limited warranty applies to ProTex.