CARL 310295 SS KLEEN 090 F/R N/R EPDM 10'X 50'
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CARL 310295 SS KLEEN 090 F/R N/R EPDM 10'X 50'
Product# 25100830
Brand Fat
Type Membrane, Tape
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"Factory-Applied Tape is available on 45-, 60- and 90-mil EPDM Classic membranes. Available in the innovative two pack, Carlisle s 10' x 100 membranes come dust free with 3"" or 6"" tape. 90-mil membranes are produced with 6"" tape to accommodate Carlisle s 30 Year Total System Warranty requirements. For applications requiring dusted sheeting, Carlisle produces 60-mil, 10' x 100's in two packs as well as 45- and 60-mil, 20' and 25 x 100 sheeting. Dusted sheeting is available with 3"" or 6 FAT. "