Dietrich Metal Framing (Part One of Two)

Superior Quality and Service

When you think of a product that is durable, rust resistant, environmentally friendly, has superior uniform and quality and will last a lifetime - think of steel.

When you think of the largest producer of metal framing and finishing products in the world - think of Dietrich Metal Framing, a company as solid as the products it sells.

With the increasing costs of building materials, more and more builders are choosing steel for it’s overall durability, cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency. To learn more about the many advantages of steel read the following article taken from excerpts from conversations with John Roberts, President of Dietrich Metal Framing.

Q. When was Dietrich Metal Framing founded?
A. Dietrich Metal Framing was founded forty-nine years ago and is now a Worthington Industries Company.

Q. Where are Dietrich Metal’s headquarters?
A. Currently, the headquarters are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Q. Are there plans to relocate the headquarters of Dietrich Metal?
A. Yes, by September 1st of this year we will be integrating with Worthington Industries and will be relocating the headquarters of Dietrich Metal to Columbus, Ohio. This will give Dietrich Metal the opportunity and advantages of working in close collaboration with its parent company, Worthington Industries.

Q. How long have you been with Dietrich?
A. I have been in the industry for over twenty-five years and joined Dietrich Metal Framing in June of 2007.

Q. How long has Dietrich Metal and Allied Building been working together?
A. Dietrich Metal and Allied Building have been collaborating since 1991 when Allied Building began distributing steel. We both look forward to a continuing our successful relationship.

Q. How does Dietrich Metal Framing set itself apart from its competitors?
A. As the leader in the industry for over twenty years, Dietrich strives to continuously improve and refine our products and customer service. By providing superior,
cost-effective, single-source building and framing solutions, in combination with our outstanding customer service, makes us the one-stop shopping for light-gauge framing and finishing products, systems and services for commercial and residential constructions.

Q. Who does Dietrich Metal Framing supply?
A. By offering more than 3,000 high-quality framing and finishing products,
across the board, Dietrich is the one-stop source for contractors, suppliers, builders, architects, engineers and do-it-yourselfers.

Q. What are some of the projects that Dietrich Metal has been involved in?
A. Dietrich is involved in many large-scale operations such as stadiums, hospitals, casinos, hotels and malls, amongst others, to an increasing demand in the residential field.

Q. Whether it’s a large-scale project or a residence, what are some of the advantages of choosing steel?
A. In terms of both cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency, there are many advantages of using steel.

One of the advantages that steel has is the superior and uniform quality that it offers. Since steel is roll-formed into precise, uniform shapes with exacting tolerance for consistent material quality. Being dimensionally stable, steel won’t shrink like wood, eliminating nail popping, wall cracking and floor squeaking which reduces or eliminates callbacks, which the NAHB estimates costs the builder an average of $350 per call. Also, since steel studs are straight, they don’t warp, twist, bow, split or have knots, resulting in straight walls, square corners and doors and windows that open and close properly.

Versatility is another advantage since steel can adapt to almost any application and works well independently or in combination with other structural systems. In terms of being lightweight and having high strength, steel has one of the highest
strength-to-weight ratios of any building material, which can mean fewer framing members.

Q. How does steel compare in terms of weight to other options?
A. People do not necessarily realize that steel can weight substantially less than more traditional building materials like masonry and concrete systems. Also, steel framing lightens structures that reduces foundation requirements and often reduces or eliminates piling.

Taking all these factors into account, steel is the solid choice for a superior job. Builders can rest assured knowing they have chosen the material that offers a wide range of advantages over its competitors, such as wood, masonry or concrete, is cost-effective and time-efficient.

Watch for a follow-up article that will delve into the environmental advantages of steel, Dietrich Metals superior customer service, educational opportunities and more.

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