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Product# 33300326
Brand CORR
Material GALV
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Corrugated Metal Panel
The 2-1/2” x ½” panel is probably the most common corrugated metal panel on the market today, and has been used as the standard“ corrugated” for many years now. The 2-1/2” corrugated is typically used for the “pole-barn” and almost any simple corrugated structure. The 2-1/2” dimension denotes the distance from the peak of one ‘bump to the peak of the next, and has an overall height of ½”.We typically stock and sell this in the (G-90) galvanized finish as our standard stocking item, but can provide this is any material you require, such as a plain steel, fiberglass, aluminum (smooth & stucco embossed) as well a painted finish and stainless steel, in both the (T-304) & (T316) materials. Our stocking sheets are all galvanized ::
18 – 20 – 22 – 24 – 26 –GAUGES Galvanized

  • 27-1/2”Wide x 8’L
  • 27-1/2”Wide x 10’L
  • 27-1/2”Wide x 12’L
  • 27-1/2”Wide x 20’L

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