Beacon Roofing Supply Completes Its Acquisition of Allied Building Products

Dear Valued Customer:

We are pleased to announce that Beacon Roofing Supply has successfully completed the acquisition of Allied Building Products, one of the largest and most successful national distributors of residential and commercial exterior and interior building products. The combined company will operate 589 branches in all 50 states and 6 provinces across Canada. The combination makes Beacon one of the largest publicly traded wholesale building materials distributors in North America. This is a milestone moment for both Beacon and Allied as it enables us to become an even stronger and more diversified distributor to better serve our valued customers.

Beacon and Allied have more than 150 years of combined experience providing service excellence to customers in the building products industry. Together, we are leveraging the strengths of both companies, while remaining committed to preserving the deep customer relationships that we have each cultivated over many decades. I am confident the combination of these two companies will translate directly into enhanced services and additional opportunities for your business, such as:

  • Access to a wider range of products
  • Improved service and delivery
  • Innovative technology solutions
  • A more robust e-commerce platform

We expect your contacts at Beacon and Allied to remain the same. If there are any changes, we will inform you accordingly. We are excited about the future of our company and remain focused on exceeding your expectations and continuing to provide you with personalized service and attention. As always, we will be continuously looking for opportunities to serve you even better in the future.

We have included a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers to provide additional information. If you have any further questions or feedback on how we can improve the way we communicate and work together, please do not hesitate to contact me, your Beacon/Allied representative, or one of our Divisional Executive Vice Presidents directly (listed in the FAQs)

As always, we thank you for your business and your continued partnership with Beacon.



Paul Isabella
President and Chief Executive Officer
Beacon Roofing Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did Beacon acquire Allied? What are the benefits of the combination?

  • Our businesses are highly complementary and there are engaged cultures and strong teams at both companies.

  • This acquisition further strengthens our position as a leader in roofing products distribution and accelerate our growth in other important product categories.

  • The combination provides Beacon with entry into the adjacent interior business, and strengthens our competitive positioning through extended offerings.

2. How does this acquisition benefit my business?

  • Customers will experience multiple benefits from access to a wider range of products to improved service, delivery, and innovative technology solutions, such as a more robust e-commerce platform and delivery tracking.

3. Who is my sales representative?

  • You will retain access to your current Allied and Beacon Outside Sales Reps.

  • In the coming weeks, we will work through the customer overlap and will assign you the rep that makes the most sense for your business.

  • In the meantime, feel free to reach out to either representative (or both) for any needs and/or questions you may have.

  • As always, we value your input and will work to serve you in the manner that best fits your needs.

4. Can I buy from other branded branches?

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us.

  • In the coming weeks, we will work to have your account set up in all of our branches in your market.

5. Will the prices of your products and services be affected?

  • The merger of these two great companies is all about creating value and an enhanced service experience via the combined offerings of both companies.

  • As always, we will strive to make sure that you have competitive pricing.

  • We are working towards providing you with consistent pricing at all of our branches in your market.

6. What is happening with my credit line?

  • Your existing credit arrangement and Credit Manager remain in place with each company. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

7. Are you closing any branches as a result of this acquisition? If so, when?

  • In certain cases, we may decide to combine locations in order to serve you better and maximize your customer experience.

  • We are working to make sure we have the best possible coverage in every market.

  • We will keep you informed of any relevant changes and implications as they are determined.

8. Will product offerings change? Will every location offer Allied and Beacon lines?

  • Over time and wherever possible, our intention is to have an expanded and consistent product offering within a market

  • This will allow customers to have access to complementary and accessory products not previously available.

9. Will I be able to return product to any branch?

  • In the coming weeks, we will work to have your account set up in all of our branches in your market.

  • Once your account has been set up, you may purchase and return at any branch within market.

  • You may work directly with the branch personnel or your outside sales rep to facilitate and speed this process via a direct request.

10. Where can I find additional information? Who can I contact if I have any more questions?

  • We will take every opportunity to communicate important updates as information becomes available.

  • If you have any further questions or feedback on how we can improve the way we communicate and work together, please do not hesitate to contact your Beacon/Allied representative, one of our Divisional Executive Vice Presidents, or President & Chief Executive Officer Paul Isabella directly (contact details below).

Paul Isabella
President and CEO 

Eric Swank (East Division & CSMO)
Executive Vice President 

Munroe Best (South Division)
Executive Vice President

Kent Gardner (West Division)
Executive Vice President 

Jim MacKimm (North Division)
Executive Vice President 

Jack Smith (Canada Division)
Executive Vice President

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